државен секретар во министерството за информатичко општество и администрација

Jahi Jahija acts as Secretary of State in the Ministry of Information Society and Administration since 2011.

He works in the Agency for Administration as Public Relations Advisor and State Advisor for coordination and selection of government officials since 2000. From 2011 onwards, he is also member of ReSPA Executive Board (Regional School of Public Administration), Montenegro. Since 2015, he is a member of the Regional Public Service Center, Astana Kazakhstan.

Mr. Jahija holds a Bachelor's Decree in Journalism at the University of Tirana - Albania. He is an MA of Political Sciences at the Oxford Brookes University in Oxford, England since 2003. Since 2017, he has a Ph.D. candidate status in the field of public administration at the "Ss. Clement of Ohrid" University, Bitola.