The Government Adopted MISA's Information on Mapping Public Institutions and Locations for Free Wi-Fi Access

Skopje, July 5th, 2019

The Ministry of Information Society and Administration continues to implement measures stipulated under the National Operational Broadband Plan.

For that purpose, during its last session, the Government adopted the information on mapping public institutions and locations for free Wi-Fi access.

Taking into account that preparation of Feasibility Study for development of national fiber transport network should commence in October 2019 in cooperation with the World Bank, and that this network should connect public institutions and locations in municipalities for free Wi-Fi internet access for citizens, it is of paramount importance that public institutions and local self-governments deliver information to the National Broadcast on their telecommunication connection (spatial and planned) and on locations for free Wi-Fi internet access, as soon as possible.

Moreover, the National Broadcaster should provide a list of public institutions that would be connected to network nodes of the National Fiber Transport Network and a list of locations that would provide free Wi-Fi internet access in municipalities, parks etc., that would be connected to network nodes of the fiber network.  

This information concerns public institutions such as educational institutions, schools, universities, libraries, research centers, healthcare facilities, ministries, courts, financial facilities, local self-governments and other state authorities and bodies.

Ministry of Information Society and Administration