• State Advisor on Normative and Legal Affairs
  • State Advisor on Financial Affairs
  • State Advisor on Administration


  1. Sector for Support, General and Legal Affairs
    • Department on Expert, Operational and Logistics Support
    • Department on Public Relations
    • Department on Legal Affairs
    • Department on General Affairs
    • Department on IT Support
  2. Sector for Strategic Planning, EU Integration and International Cooperation
    • Department on Strategic Planning, Policy Analysis and Monitoring
    • Department on International Cooperation
    • Department on IPA
  3. Sector for Development of Information Society
    • Department on Development and Promotion of Information Society
    • Department on E-Infrastructure and IT Standards
    • Department on ICT Projects
    • Department on Interoperability
  4. Sector for Communications
    • Department on Electronic Communications with Information Technologies
    • Department on Audiovisual Policies
  5. Sector for Public Administration Reforms
    • Department on RIA Coordination
    • Department on Development of RIA Policies
    • Department on Public Sector Coordination and Support
    • Department on Support of Implementation of Policies for Human Resource Management in Administration
    • Department on Register and Mobility of Public Sector Employees
    • Department on Approvals upon Acts on Internal Organization and Systematization and Annual Employment Plans
  6. Sector for Regulatory Reform
    • Department on Management of the Regulatory Assessment, Publication and Monitoring Process
    • Department on Overcoming Administrative Barriers and Improved Regulation
  7. Sector for Financial Affairs
    • Department on Budget Coordination
    • Department on Budget Control
    • Department on Accounting and Payments
    • Department on Public Procurements
  8. Academy for Professional Development of Administrative Servants
    • Department on Policy Development and Preparation of Professional Development Programmes. Maintaining Questionbases. Regiser of Mentors.
    • Department on Organization, Coordination and Implementation of Professional Development In-Class and By Means of Electronic Training Management System.


Two separate departments that are not part of any sector also operate under the Ministry of Information Society and Administration:

  • Department on Internal Audit
  • Department on Human Resource Management


Tabular Overview of Employees in the Ministry of Information Society and Administration