North Macedonia and Kosovo Will Take Joint Efforts Towards Digitalization in Both Countries

Skopje, February 14th, 2019

The Minister of Information Society and Administration, Damjan Manchevski, and the Minister of Innovation and Entrepreneurship of the Republic of Kosovo, Besim Beqaj, held a working meeting today, whereby they discussed joint activities in the field of information society, innovation and entrepreneurship development.

"The topics we discussed included promotion of our regional cooperation primarily in terms of specific aspects that would affect citizens' lives. As you all know, we have serious progress and specific plan to abolish roaming prices for citizens of Western Balkan states, both in the region and in the European Union by 2021. The second project we discussed is our proposal for establishment of Regional Cyber Security Training Center in Skopje for all employees in public institutions in the Western Balkans, and we have full support from our friends from Kosovo thereto", informed Minister Manchevski

As he noted, MISA accepts Minister Beqaj's initiative for establishment of regional cloud for the Republic of North Macedonia, Kosovo and Albania which would provide opportunities for research and development, and for cooperation between science and technology centers and parks at regional level. 

Minister Beqaj shared information on the latest meeting with European Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society, Mariya Gabriel, wherein discussions were held on open EU funds that North Macedonia and Kosovo can utilize at regional level.

"Discussions with Commissioner Gabriel involved topics such as digital skills, regional research and development cloud, among many other topics of our interest. We strive towards receipt of EU funds and, in that regard, I hope we would be able to achieve further cooperation with the Minister of the Republic of North Macedonia. I would also like to stress our support for planned projects, including the regional cyber security center" said Minister Beqaj.

The working meeting also included discussions on potential cooperation in development of "smart" cities. Both countries can jointly establish a good market for development of digital skills, raising competitiveness and utilization of human resources.


Ministry of Information Society and Administration