From Investments in Development of Digital Skills to New Employments

Skopje, February 8th, 2019

Over 43 million MKD for development of digital skills and new job positions are anticipated under the new Operational Employment Plan 2019, adopted by the Government.

This measure includes 1,323 unemployed persons up to 34 years of age, that would be able to find employment by means of various trainings and retrainings.

The aim of the measure is to meet the need of digital skill demands and the need of advanced IT skills by means of training.

Upon completion of anticipated measures, the unemployed persons what would not find employment will have the opportunity to utilize other Operational Plan programmes and measures.

New job positions and need of retraining and acquisition od digital skills are prepared in cooperation with employers.

The Operational Employment Plan 2018 noted a high 95% implementation, and it is expected that the 2019 plan will note an even greater success.

Holder of the Operational Plan is the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, whereas the Employment Service Agency of the Republic of Macedonia, in cooperation with other institutions, is responsible for implementation thereof.


Ministry of Information Society and Administration