Microsoft is a Serious Partner of the Republic of Macedonia – Citizens Would Benefit from Increased Cooperation

Skopje, January 21st, 2019

Today, the President of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, Zoran Zaev, the Minister of Information Society and Administration, Damjan Manchevski, and the President of the National ICT Council within the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, Vladimir Cvetkovikj, held a meeting with Microsoft's General Manager of the CEE Multi-Country Europe, Anke den Ouden.

On the meeting, it was concluded that cooperation with this leading and world-renowned IT company will increase and, in that regard, Microsoft is a serious partner of the Republic of Macedonia, particularly in processess of digital transformation and provision of cyber security. Discussions were held to create a joint platform that would include cooperation in multiple fields, with an aim to provide citizens with direct benefits of digitalization of certain processes and services.

"Our NATO membership increases the need to work on improvement of security and safety of the cyber space, which is also our duty. The assistance that Microsoft, as leading and world-renowned IT company could provide to the Republic of Macedonia is of utmost importance in that process" said Prime Minister Zaev.

Prime Minister Zaev informed the General Manager and the representatives of the Microsoft company that plans made for the current year include decrease in the income tax from the current 10% to 3% and that this measure, accompanied by our NATO membership would encourage IT sector companies to recognize the Republic of Macedonia as a stable country and a long-term business destination and to make new investments therein.

In that regard, Prime Minister Zaev also discussed the financial support anticipated under the Plan on Economic Growth of Companies and Development of New Innovative Project of Young People. The aim is to encourage creativity in young people to create, to recognize new perspectives opened by the NATO membership, to feel they would have stability in the state and to have a motive to stay, live and work in the Republic of Macedonia.


Ministry of Information Society and Administration