MISA Expands the Microlearning System for All Public Administration Employees

Skopje, January 16th, 2019

In 2019, MISA will expand the microlearning system for all state administration employees. All institutions that were not registered thus far will be added to the list, so that each public administration employee would have access to trainings offered by MISA. At present, MISA has 42 different available courses.

The Microlearning System provides opportunities to expand public administration employees' knowledge by means of short lessons during their work hours.

This type of learning is provided by a developed software solution - KnowledgePulse, that allows the employee to attend courses on their personal computer and to learn by answering questions. This makes learning simple and available to all administration employees. Increasing employees' knowledge provides successful management of the public administration reform and increase in effectiveness and efficiency of capacity building in the public sector, and also provides cost-effectiveness of training investments.

Organization of trainings through the microlearning system is icorporated in the entire training system, and is regulated by the Rulebook on the Manner of Organization of Classroom Trainings and by the Electronic Training Management System.

All additional information is available at: http://mioa.gov.mk/?q=mk/knowledge-pulse

The Government adopted the Information on Expanding the Microlearning System on the last session.

Ministry of Information Society and Administration