Concluding Conference on Successful Implementation of the Administrative E-Service Delivery Platform

Skopje, May 6th, 2019

The Minister of Information Society and Administration, Damjan Manchevski, addressed the concluding conference organized as part of the project titled "Support to MISA in the Process of  Public Administration Modernization". The project was implemented during the past year, supported by Nextsense and funded by the European Union. Freek Janmaat, Head of the EU Delegation also adressed the conference. Igor Andonovski and Mile Grujovski, representatives from Nextsense, presented details for the project.

"When we initiated the project implementation in January last year, we contemplated several objectives. Our main effort was geared toward provision of tool that would play a significant part in changing the manner of operation within public administration. And not solely the manner of operation, but also the manner of contemplating and designing processes therein", stated Minister Manchevski.

As he stated, this project is another link that complements the interoperability platform, the National E-Service Portal and the Electronic Population Register. The complementarity of these projects lies precisely within the common goal - to enable citizens an option to receive many services with several clicks.

"With this project, in combination with the National E-Service Portal, that would be operational in few months, each instition would be able to officially exchange documents and offer electronic services to citizens, even though it might not posses any IT technical and human resources. These are revolutionary steps and projects. We are establishing central platforms that these institutions may use. Local authorities may also use them if they wish. This would save enormous sums of money which each individual institution should invest in hardware and software", informed Minister Manchevski.

To enable this, the Ministry of Information Society and Administration provided legal grounds. Three laws are adopted that allow replacement of hardcopy documents with electronic documents. The laws in question are the Law on Central Population Registry, the Law on Electronic Management and Electronic Services and the Law on Electronic Documents, Electronic Identification and Trust Services.

"These laws allow unification of manners in which all data is kept in different registries. These laws also provide streamlined procedures for citizens, which are now able to receive their services electronically, by means of a single registration through the e-service portal. Thus, we harmonize our laws with EU laws and we transpose the European directive as precondition for implementation of the Digital Agenda", said Ana Malceva, advisor in MISA.

The project includes several outcomes:

- Administrative e-service platform for delivery

- Legal framework

- Trainings

Focused on e-services and interoperability, the project resulted in:

- Improvement in implementation of the public administration legal framework

- Improvement of service quality assessment

- Improvement of performance in administrative service delivery

- Improvement in coordination of horizontal government policies in terms of RIA

- Improvement of administrative competence system 

Ministry of Information Society and Administration