Invitation to Attend the Annual PARS Report Presentation

Dear all,

The Ministry of Information Society and Administration hereby invites you to attend the public discussion and presentation of the Annual Report on Implementation of the Public Administration Reform Strategy 2018-2022.

The event will take place in the MPs' Club on May 13th 2019, with official start at 11:00 o'clock.

The public discussion will include a speech from the Deputy Minister of Information Society and Administration, Aleksandar Bajdevski and from the coordinators of the four priority areas. A space for debate and opportunity to ask questions and discuss with the persons responsible for the four priority PARS areas will be allowed following presentation of the Annual Report.

We kindly ask you to RSVP to this event on the following e-mail: , by Friday - 10.05.2019, 16:00 o'clock the latest.