Government Delegation on a Study Visit to London to Exchange Experiences on the Operation of Institutions

London, May 10th, 2019

The processes and practices for planning and implementation of key success indicators in sectoral institutions, accountability in institutions operating within a sector in terms of attainment of common sectoral goals and establishment of criteria for selection and measurement of performance of senior civil service were among the key topics discussed during the study visit to London, Great Britain, which included participation of the Minister of Labor and Social Policy, Mila Carovska, Deputy Minister of Information Society and Administration, Aleksandar Bajdevski and the Secretary of State in the Secretariat for European Affairs, Kalinka Gaber.

The study visit that included exchange of experiences on topics related to the operation of institutions was used to meet with the Chairman of the Friendship Group, Martin Vickers, and to visit the Department of Work and Pensions and the Administration Committee.

During the visit, the Minister of labor and social policy discussed the reform processes that MLSP is currently implemented with support from the British Embassy to Skopje, related to the programme for social and emotional development in preschools and to reforms in social and child protection.

"We are making intensive efforts to strengthen capacities in preschools and to also strengthen professional competences of caregivers and to return the professionalism and dignity of this profession. Early childhood development is key for children's future development. Thus, we believe that preschool children should work with a creative and inspiring staff of teachers and caregivers", said Carovska.

The Deputy Minister of Information Society and Administration, Aleksandar Bajdevski, presented attainments and overall work related to public administration reforms, as well as activities within the programme supported by the British Embassy to Skopje.

"An important portion of the public administration reform that we are currently implementing are changes in the system of accountability, professionalization of the administration and senior civil service. The visit to the Administration Committee was an excellent opportunity to hear British experiences on the topic, and we had a truly interesting discussion in terms of establishment of a system for election of senior civil service. I believe we are on the right path in terms of reforms, but we must be patient and give the reforms time to produce the expected outcomes", said Bajdevski.

The Secretary of State in the Secretariat for European Affairs, Kalinka Gaber, expressed her gratitude for the support provided by the British Embassy in the country's processes for NATO and EU accession.

"I have provided detailed information to British representatives on achievements of the Republic of North Macedonia in attainment of the reform agenda in the wake of the expected initiation of EU membership accession negotiations", said Gaber.

The visit was organized by Public Administration International in London, as part of the project "Bringing Change - Effectiveness and Good Governance in Public Administration", implemented by the Center for Change Management. The project is funded by the British Embassy to Skopje, and end user thereof is the Ministry of Information Society and Administration. The aim of the visit is to acquire practical knowledge and to exchange experiences with Great Britain in terms of public administration's operation.

Ministry of Information Society and Administration