Manchevski Addressed the Pantheon Conference 2019: With Digitalization, We Change the Manner in Which Public Administration Operates

Skopje, May 14th, 2019

The Minister of Information Society and Administration, Damjan Manchevski, addresses the Pantheon Conference 2019 during a panel session discussing digitalization in North Macedonia.

Minister Manchevski focused on projects currently undertaken by the Ministry of Information Society and Administration, which cover issues related to digitalization of processes and to enabling all citizens access to services offered by administration.

"The administration begins to follow trends imposed by the private sector and by citizens themselves. At present, we are working on the final phase of launching the Population Register, as basis for the National E-Service Portal. The Portal aims to serve as a single spot wherein citizens would be able to obtain all services they need. Our underlying goal is for administration to offer faster, more cost-efficient and improved services. That reform may be attained with tools offered by digitalization. With that goal in mind, we amended the legislative framework. These amendments allow replacement of hardcopy documents with electronic documents, whereby we have also promoted the 'digital first' concept of work", informed Minister Manchevski.

He also introduced the idea to reduce the income tax for IT companies to 3%. He announced that details for implementation of this concept will be defined during the second half of 2019, in consultation with the business sector.

Concerning of North Macedonia's position in contrast with other countries from the region and Europe in terms of digitalization, Minister Manchevski discussed the cooperation between states in the region, and how digitalization ,inter alia, serves as a point of reconciliation between states.

"For a long time, our country was lagging behind  countries from the region and Europe. However, a number of measures were undertaken in the past two years, whereby North Macedonia's position was changed. These measures include the open data portal, alignment of our regulation with the European, and soon the E-Service Portal. In terms of the region, we also work together on a number of projects. Reduction of roaming prices and acceptance and recognition of digital certificates with Serbia are merely a portion of our joint activities at present", stressed Minister Manchevski.

The conference has been organized by DataLab company and MASIT.


Ministry of Information Society and Administration