Minister Manchevski Attends the Innostar Forum in Sofia, R. Bulgaria

Sofia, June 20th, 2019

The Minister of Information Society and Administration, Damjan Manchevski, addressed the Forum-Innostart, held today in Sofia, R. Bulgaria.

Minister Manchevski adressed the attendees during the panel session "Building Innovative Ecosystems in Southeastern Europe: Policies, Support and Entrepreneurship“, together with the Bulgarian Minister of Transport and Communications, Rosen Zheliaskov, and the Minister of Innovation and Technology Development of R. Serbia, Nenad Popovikj.

Minister Manchevski focused on measures and activities imlemented by the Government of RNM and MISA, in the context of digitalization, as well as on support to development of innovative businesses.

"Digital transformation and economy are high on our Government's agenda and, to our delight, on EU's agenda as well. Improvement of the standard of all citizens and further macroeconomic stabilities and structural reforms in the context of Economic Reform Programmes are a joint goal of all countries. I am very pleased to know that all of us present here today are aware of the benefits and use this favorable period. Of course, much more could be done. We, as a Government, believe that one of the vehicles driving digital transformation are ICT companies. Digitalization-related activities require partnering relations between the Government and companies, and implementation thereof also requires a large amount of funds", said Minister Manchevski.

Minister Manchevski also discussed the idea behind the Science and Technology Park in Skopje, which currently undergoes implementation.

"Several months ago, we launched the business accelerator and announced the first Science and Technology Park in Skopje. The underlying aim of the technology park is to provide a 'free zone - mutual space' that would encourage students, professors and businesses to connect and communicate, to share ideas, experiences, knowledge. I hope that together we will write a success story. We should find a way and focus our efforts to ensure that this park is not merely launched, but also persists. It should not be just another place, a business location. It should be an enviroment that supports and connects, establishes partnering relations and grows together", said Minister Manchevski.

The panel session also included a video-call by European Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society, Mariya Gabriel. She supported efforts the region takes to be closer to EU by means of digitalization.

The forum INOSTART is organized by the American Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria and Israel, with support from the U.S. Embassy and the Embassy of Israel in Sofia.

The one-day forum gathers high government representatives and international enterprises from Israel, the USA and the region, to discuss best practices for development of a sustainable startup ecosystem and innovative community.

Ministry of Information Society and Administration