Agreement for Acceptance of Electronic Documents Between North Macedonia and Serbia Has Been Signed

Skopje, August 26th, 2019

Today, the Minister of Information Society and Administration, Damjan Manchevski and the Minister of Trade, Torusim and Telecommunications of the Government of R.Serbia, Rasim Ljajikj signed an Agreement for Acceptance of Trust Services used in both states.

This means that documents issued by electronic means from institutions in North Macedonia, such as the Central Register, the Customs Office, The Office for Management of Registers of Births, Marriages and Deaths would be equally recognized and accepted in the Republic of Serbia, and vice versa. The citizens will no longer have to go through administrative procedures to obtain documents from one state that they already have and that have been issued in the other state.

Qualified trust services provided by qualified trust service providers are mutually accepted, in compliance with laws regulating electronic documents, electronic identification and trust services, those being: qualified electronic signature, qualified electronic seal and qualified electronic timestamp.

By accepting this Agreement, the bilateral relations between both countries in the field of information society will be promoted.

The Agreement will contribute to acceletation of the process of digital transformation and also has a direct influence over the competence of domestic legal entites performing activities in the field of trust services. Notably, the Agreement allows these entites to become "trusted entites" and to be competitive on the market of the Republic of Serbia as well.

In terms of digitalization of society, the Law on Electronic Documents, Electronic Identification and Trust Services has been adopted and in effect since 22.05.2019. The underlying aim is to establish the legal regime of electronic signature, electronic seal, electronic timestamps, electronic documents, registered delivery services, website authentication services, and the manner of storing electronic signature or seal and validation thereof. With this Law, the Republic of North Macedonia gains adequate grounds for safe and confidential services.

Ministry of Information Society and Administration