Minister Manchevski Oversees Construction Activities for “Single Point of Services” Hall in Ohrid

Ohrid, 20 June 2020

Today, the Minister of Information Society and Administration, Damjan Manchevski, visited Ohrid and oversaw construction activities for “Single Point of Services” hall, in the building of Municipality of Ohrid.

“This space will soon look completely different and will be a place where citizens will be able to receive information about all electronic services available on the portal If citizens encounter an issue when registering on the portal from their home, they would be able to do that here. In addition, with the Catalogue of e-Services, employees here would be able to provide information needed to receive each of the 761 services published on the portal. At present, a total of 136 electronic services are available on the portal, and this number would constantly increase. Activities for digitalization of enrollment of children in kindergartens, schools, as well as digitalization of some services offered by MoI are in final phase of development” said Minister Manchevski.

Minister Manchevski stressed that the reason this hall would be situated in the municipal building is to bring it closer and make it more accessible to citizens.

“I would like to extend my gratitude to the Mayor, who understood the relevance of this project and allowed us to use premises in the municipal building. This way, we reshape the culture of the manner in which public administration operates. In this hall, there will be no one-stop shops and queues. The conceptual design has been completed, the contractor firm has been selected and what is left is completion of all planned construction works” said Minister Manchevski.

Minister Manchevski also highlighted that the Single Point of Services concept is already successful and fully functional in Skopje, it will launch in Tetovo on Monday, whereas the process has also commenced in Kumanovo. The underlying idea is to transform existing internet clubs and to make them a place that would serve as service and registration point for citizens.

Ministry of Information Society and Administration