Manchevski: The Working Culture is Changing. Citizens Will Receive Services in a Dignified Manner

Skopje, 19 June 2020

Today, the Minister of Information Society and Administration, Damjan Manchevski, promoted the new image and manner of operation of the “Single Point of Services” hall in Skopje.

As Minister Manchevski stressed, the space has been fully modernized and follows the latest standards about the functioning of a service-oriented space for citizens. It is important to note that this is not only a matter of a new look, but rather a completely new principle and culture of work in the public administration.

“At last, one-stop shops are a thing of the past, employees work in a pleasant environment, whereas citizens will no longer be part of endless queues. Public administration employees are a citizen service and the first contact citizens have with institutions. Thus, we committed to providing a single place for multiple institutions to offer their services. Our commitments extended to improving the concept of the actual service provision”, informed Minister Manchevski.

In “Single Point of Services”, services are offered by the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Transport and Communications, Public Revenue Office, Agency for Real Estate Cadastre, Employment Service Agency, Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, Central Register, Health Insurance Fund, Office for Management of Registers of Births, Marriages and Deaths, Pension and Disability Insurance Fund.

„We secured uninterrupted access for persons with mobility issues, there is a service that would work on maintaining order, and the work and break time will be monitored electronically, leaving no possibility to have citizens waiting without being served. This is only the beginning of changes in the manner in which citizens receive services from institutions. In addition to this hall, Single Point of Services will also be launched in Tetovo on Monday, whereas activities have already commenced for offices in other cities “, said Minister Manchevski.

Single Point of Services will be a place where citizens will receive all needed services in a fast, efficient and dignified manner.

Ministry of Information Society and Administration