MISA Published a Tool for Reporting Workplace Harassment during Elections

Skopje, 23 June 2020

During a press-conference, the Minister of Information Society and Administration, Damjan Manchevski, presented the tool for reporting workplace harassment published on the official website of the Ministry.

Minister Manchevski's statement is listed below:

MISA continues the established practice of publishing on its webiste a tool for reporting workeplace harassment in the pre-electrocal period. we firmly stand behind our committment that there will be no pressure, blackmail and abuse in the public sector!

During this campaign, much like during previous campaigns in the past 3 years, public sector employees may use this simple tol to report any harassment during the electoral process.

MISA assumes the obligation to forward any reports to the competent authorities for further action. For this purpose, we also organized coordinative meetings with SCPC, the Ombudsman, the Administration Agency, the State Labour Inspectorate, the Service Employment Agency, as well as other competent authorities. The underlying aim is to secure and guarantee all preconditions for fair and democratic elections.

Reporting is anonimous, but if the person reporting a case wishes to disclose his/her personal data, those will be protected pursuant to the Law on Personal Data Protection. Adequate technical and organizational measures have been taken in this regard.

This is only one of the mechanisms that MISA has used in the past period to fully professionalize the public sector. As you already know, the Law on SCS is completed and is not yet put into effect solely due to the non-operational Parliament. The Law anticipates transparent and professional selection, high standards and criteria for management positions and is a large leap forward to depolitization of the public sector.

In addition, we are changing the work culture and after a long time, in the past three years the public sector finally works pursuant to the job descriptions, without pressure to be a service for somebody else. The state capture is a notion of the past. I highly encourage employees to use this tool and to report any potential harassment.

Ministry of Information Society and Administration