Manchevski and Ademi: Secured Digital Skills Vouchers for Young Persons Up to 29 Years of Age

Skopje, 18 June 2020

During today’s press-conference, the Minister of Information Society and Administration, Damjan Manchevski, and the Minister of Education and Science, Arber Ademi, presented a decree for awarding vouchers to young persons for digital skill trainings.

As Minister Manchevski stressed, the aim is to help youth be prepared to face challenges stemming from the health and economic crisis, to be competitive for higher-paid job positions and, of course, to help solve the lack of ICT staff.

“The COVID 19 pandemic imposed new working rules to which we all need to adapt. Digital transformation and digital skills are necessary as never before. With the digital skill vouchers and by covering half the costs, we provide young people an opportunity to receive trainings that would prepare them to find a higher-paid job. We anticipate financing digital skill trainings ranging from most basic to most advanced. The total budget amounts to 150,000,000 MKD“, informed Minister Manchevski.

Legal entities that would apply and the trainings they would provide will be selected by the Digital Forum. The Digital Forum is an independent authority comprise of representatives of universities with ICT studies, the four chambers of commerce, ICT experts and two representatives of institutions, i.e. of the Government. This decision has been adopted so that the public would be sure that the trainings will be selected in a transparent manner and according to labour market needs.

“The trainings will cover digital skills for management of software applications and hardware components, advanced programming skills, skills for utilization of digital technologies„ as well as related skills that would allow utilization of information and communication technologies. The Digital Forum will set forth the list of digital skill trainings and providers thereof. Young persons will be able to apply via the national portal“, said Minister Manchevski.

The Minister of Education and Training, Arber Ademi, discussed the set of measures that MES provides to help and support youth. The first set of measures anticipates awarding funds for procurement of school supplies to secondary school students from lower-income families. The second set of measures anticipates awarding funds to students from lower-income families to cover portion of the enrollment fees for studying or for living in student dormitories or rented apartments.  

“Those eligible for both set of measures can apply on the internet platform, i.e. The measures are developed with a view to maintain the student and pupil standards, to increase personal purchasing power, as well as to support the process of acquiring digital and IT technologies for larger competitiveness and streamlined access to the labour market”, concluded Ademi.

Ministry of Information Society and Administration