MISA with Response to Strike Announced by Association “Medium Objektiv”

Skopje, 04 June 2020

Concerning the strike announced by members of Association Medium Objektiv, the Ministry of Information Society and Administration would like to stress that there was no biased selection and discrimination in securing aid to media affected by the COVID-19 crisis.

The following arguments further confirm that matter:

AVMS exempted all broadcasters from taxes for broadcasting permits to the Agency for 2020
The Government secured funds from the Fund for Fight Against Consequences from the Coronavirus Crisis, that covered the digital signal broadcasting costs, i.e. multiplex costs, for all broadcasters (national, regional and local)
The Government drafts a decree that would exempt radio stations from payment of annual fees for utilization of frequency to the Agency for Electronic Communications


These provisions actually cover all the costs for fees that broadcasters must pay to the respective regulators, depending on the type of license they have. Nobody is left behind or discriminated against.

In addition, all media received equal financial support amounting to 14,500 MKD per month for each employee.

The Government is still open to considering additional proposals to help media. We would also be pleased if we had received specific proposals, which is not the case thus far.

On 1st June, the Association “Medium Objektiv” lodged a letter without signatory party or contact information. Thus, as response to the letter, we would like to publically invite them to a meeting and discussion. If there is a specific proposal, we are available to consider it.

Instead of immediately resorting to strike, we firmly believe that we can discuss all proposal during a joint meeting.

Still, this is a democratic society in a democratic country, and every entity has a right to express their opinion as they deem fit. Thus, members of “Medium Objektiv” have an undisputable right to express their standpoints in this manner.

Ministry of Information Society and Administration