MISA: The Administration Is Not Facing Any Pressure, Employees Have the Same Salaries as Before the Crisis

Skopje, 13 May 2020

Today’s announcement by the Confederation of Free Trade Unions – CFTU covers several topics related to public administration employees, which are not accurate.

The first misinformation is the unfounded claim about pressure of the public administration, with no specific examples, evidence on reports or lodged complaints. In the past three years, public administration employees finally perform duties that are part of their job description, instead of working to meet somebody else’s interests.

Furthermore, CFTU claims that public administration employees work from their workplace, much like before the beginning of COVID-19 crisis. This is also not accurate. Notably, public administration employees have been working from home these past two months, pursuant to recommendations for handling the coronavirus crisis.

Finally, CFTU makes an accusation that salaries in public administration have been reduced, which is yet another misinformation. Salaries in public administration have remained unchanged compared to those prior the crisis. The only difference is that the Government adopted a decision by means of decree with force of law, that elected and appointed persons will receive minimum wage as sign of solidarity. After decision adopted by the Constitutional Court, the majority of them decided to donate their salaries in the fund intended for handling COVID-19.

MISA appeals to GFTU to stop spreading misinformation, especially in such times of emergency. This does not help anyone, especially not public administration employees.

Ministry of Information Society and Administration