Roaming Price Reduction for Western Balkans Continues

Skopje, 01 July 2020

Today, Western Balkan countries mark one year since the roaming price reduction agreement has entered into force. During the past year, our citizens made telephone calls, used the internet and sent SMS messages for prices lower by up to 99%.

Specifically, 5.04 MKD for outgoing calls, 2.9 MKD for incoming calls, SMS messages for 2.63 per message, whereas the price per Mb of internet is 1.9 MKD.

From today, the price for incoming calls is additionally reduced and now amounts to 1.5 MKD.

Pursuant to the agreement, roaming costs will completely be abolished by July 2021. This is the precondition that North Macedonia and the remaining five countries from the region should meet to introduce "Roam Like At Home" with EU countries.

On todays meeting held between ministers responsible for digitalization in the region, the Council of Regional Cooperation and representatives of the European Commission, a conclusion was drawn that a map would be prepared of future steps and deadlines for abolishing roaming costs between Western Balkan countries and EU countries.

Ministry of Information Society and Administration