Presentation of Draft-Annual Report on Implementation of 2018 – 2022 PAR Strategy Action Plan

Skopje, 07 July 2020

Today, a presentation was held of the Draft-Annual Report on Implementation of 2018 – 2022 PAR Strategy Action Plan, before representatives of the civic sector, international community and state institutions.

As the Minister of Information Society and Administration Damjan Manchevski stressed, a dialogue with all actors, particularly in areas of importance, such as the public administration reform, is of utmost importance and is always placed high on the agenda.

Minister Manchevski, inter alia, focused on the fact that significant progress has been made in terms of the overall process of policy creation, consultation with stakeholders and coordination.

“Mid-term and sectoral planning has been significantly improved and 2019 notes a little over 97% implementation of key Government planning documents, which is almost double the percentage noted in 2018. Participation of stakeholders in creation of policies and laws has improved, somewhat due to the fact that there is an increase in percentage of draft RIA reports and of draft-reports published on SNER that have been published pursuant to the procedure of timely publication, amounting to 29% in 2019. Furthermore, the quality of RIA reports has increased, i.e. there is approximately 10% increase of the number of RIA reports that meet minimum criteria in terms of the procedure and transparency of the RIA process”, noted Minister Damjan Manchevski.

According to the minister, there is an increase in application of the merit system in employment and promotion of administrative servants, as well as decrease of the percentage of appeals and complaints lodged by candidates in terms of adopted decisions on employment/promotion, notably from 2.2% in 2018 to 0.56% in 2019.

“I mentioned transparency in institutions’ operation, and that is further confirmed by this Report. While the number of declined requests for access to public information in 2018 has reduced almost by half and amounts to 2.5% in 2019, the percentage of institutions that publish open data increased by 6% from 2018 to 2019 “, said Minister Damjan Manchevski.

The attendees welcomed the fact that consultations with stakeholders are conducted on a regular basis. They also welcomed today’s presentation of the RIA Report, noting that progress has been observed in implementation of measures and activities.


Ministry of Information Society and Administration