MISA Issues Reaction on AVMS Decision

Skopje, July 16th 2020

The Ministry of Information Society and Administration, as competent ministry for media, fully disagrees with misdemeanor charges filed by the Agency for Audio and Audiovisual Media Services against media outlets Telma and Alsat-M for broadcasted statement made by Minister of Health Venko Filipche during the electoral silence.

Both outlets did not violate the Electoral Code in any manner, given that Minister Filipche has issued his statement as a minister and that it was related to the health crisis caused by COVID-19.

In addition, Minister Filipche was not listed in any of the candidate lists for 2020 Early Parliamentary Elections. In times of pandemics and regular daily provision of information by the Ministry of Heath related to the virus, it is incomprehensible for us how the regulator would consider this statement a violation of the electoral silence.

This is merely one of the numerous examples for AVMS politization. However, this is also a tendency to censor media, violate citizens' right to receive information about the crisis, as well as a direct attempt of AVMS to interfere in the electoral process.

Now, after the country has a functional Parliament again, it is of utmost importance to continue processes to reform AVMS and MRTV, which were previously blocked by policital motives.

Ministry of Information Society and Administration