Signed Memorandum of Cooperation Between MISA and MASIT

Skopje, October 22nd, 2020

The Ministry of Information Society and Administration and the ICT Chamber of Commerce (MASIT) commit to deepen cooperation and mutual connections, to attain improved implementation of joint activities.

This Memorandum aims to secure mutual cooperation between the parties with an aim to utilize competences and reference knowledge in the ICT field of each party, with a view to:

  • enhance efficiency of the work of the ICT sector and ICT staff
  • accelerate development of the ICT sector, develop the ICT field, adopt and introduce modern technologies and methods of operation from/to the ICT industry and in overall operations
  • raise the level of digital literacy of citizens by means of trainings
  • research development of technical and technological achievements
  • organize trainings for professional development of IT staff
  • ensure participation of the ICT industry in preparation of laws and other regulations under the competence of the first party
  • provide expert opinions from the ICT field with a focus on digital transformation of communications
  • promote conditions for efficient and sustainable competition on the electronic communications market
  • promote development and encourage investments in public electronic communication networks by introduction of new technologies and services, particularly by introducing next generation public electronic communication networks
  • improve and streamline the ICT public procurement process
  • adopt and implement standards in the field of ICT and protection of networks and information systems.