Addressing by Minister Shaqiri at the third national drill for coordination and communication in computer security incidents response

Skopje, December 21st, 2020

The Minister of Information Society and Administration Jeton Shaqiri addressed at the third national drill for coordination and communication for computer security incidents response, which was held online, organized by the Agency for Electronic Communications (AEC) and the National Center for Computer Incidents (MKD- CIRT)

"The organization of national drills in cooperation with all stakeholders that are part of cyber security is stipulated by the National Cyber ​​Security Strategy 2018-2020, and at the operational level, it is also stipulated in the Action Plan. At the beginning of this year, the Republic of Northern Macedonia achieved one of its strategic goals and became the 30th member of NATO. However, NATO membership, in addition to its strengths, can contribute to becoming a more interesting target for cyber and hybrid attacks. "Therefore, regular maintenance of this type of exercise is necessary to become resistant to cyber incidents and to deal faster and more efficiently with complex cyber threats at the national level," said Minister Shaqiri.

Minister Shaqiri pointed out that due to the global pandemic with Covid 19, the digitalization of information systems of state and public institutions is developing at an accelerated pace, in order to provide as many electronic services as possible to citizens and businesses and therefore greater data protection is necessary.

"The protection of this data imposes the need for administrative staff to be aware and to practice a higher level of cyber hygiene in their daily work. To that end, in the coming months, MISA and MKD-CIRT will cooperate in order to conduct interactive online cyber security training intended for administrative and management staff”, said Minister Shaqiri.

The Minister emphasized that in the interconnected internet world, we all share the responsibility for securing cyberspace. Just as drivers share the responsibility for road safety, we all share the same global network and therefore must consider cyber safety as a necessary social responsibility.

The event, which was addressed by the director of AEK Sasho Dimitrijoski, was attended by experts in the field of cyber security in the country, as well as representatives of the private sector and the academic community.

Министерство за информатичко општество и администрација