Shaqiri: Public administration reform and digitalization - processes that determine the European future of the country

Skopje, September 2nd, 2021

Today, the Minister of Information Society and Administration, Jeton Shaqiri, held a friendly and constructive meeting with Ms. Elida Reci, an employee of the United Nations Department of Social and Economic Affairs in New York, which covers development and innovation in public administration. She is also one of the five authors of the UN E-Government.

During the meeting, Ms. Reci expressed her readiness to support the government and the Ministry of Information Society and Administration in public administration reform and digitalization, given that these are the main objectives of this term of office. Similar support is being provided for many other countries around the world.

Minister Shaqiri informed Ms. Reci regarding the achieved progress in the public administration reform and the achievements made so far in the digitalization process in the country. The Minister also emphasized MISA’s goals until the end of this term of office and afterwards.  

"We as an institution are always open and ready to accept suggestions and advice, which will only help in advancing our already started processes and reforms in public administration and digitalization. Therefore, the help and advice given are more than welcome ", added the Minister Jeton Shaqiri. It is worth mentioning that North Macedonia will be the starting point of this initiative in the Balkans.

This meeting was a precursor to the future meetings that will follow. At the end of the implementation of these reforms and processes, the biggest beneficiaries will be the citizens of the Republic of North Macedonia.