"Skopje Economic and Financial Forum", Shaqiri: The future of the country is digital and green

Skopje, September 7th, 2021

The crisis with KOVID-19 and the planned recovery measures highlighted the important role that digital technologies can play in increasing the resilience of our economies and societies, said the Minister of Information Society and Administration, Mr. Jeton Shaqiri in his speech at the "Skopje Economic and Financial Forum "on the topic" Recovery and economic growth after Covid ", organized by the Ministry of Finance.

"Digital technologies also have the potential to help address many of the basic causes for ongoing global interconnected crises, including climate change, pollution and biodiversity loss. The digital economy is booming. It is a fact that the IT sector was the only business sector that continued to grow during the pandemic in North Macedonia. It continued to grow and employ people during this period," said Minister Shaqiri.

We, as a ministry, pointed out Shaqiri, in full cooperation with the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia, have set our |objectives in the process of digitalization of the country.

"Our objective is to introduce additional measures to help the IT sector so that it can continue to grow without any obstcles. Our goal is to have 25,000 employees in this sector by the end of 2030, compared to 13,000 current employees. We encourage the students to study in the IT sector. Our goal is for 4% of graduates to be in the IT sector, twice as many as in 2020. We plan to invest more in infrastructure. By the end of this year, 99% of households will be covered by 4G, by the end of 2023, we will have at least one city fully covered by 5G signal. 1 GB per second internet connection for all public institutions by 2029 "- pointed out the Minister of Information Society and Administration, Mr. Jeton Shaqiri.

In view of the digitalization and the green economy, Minister Shaqiri said that the project "Document Management System" is being implemented - in order to connect as many as possible public institutions in this system. This system will shorten document processing time and reduce paper usage.

"Our objective is to have 95% of all major public online services by 2030, compared to 151 by 2020. Our citizens will have access to their electronic medical records and 80% of them will use a digital identification solution by 2030. The government and the ministry are on their way to digitalizing and developing the green economy. We will continue to further support the IT sector in the country," said Minister Shaqiri.