Shaqiri: The government will receive a 350,000 US dollars grant for realization of electronic services

Skopje, September 21st, 2021

Today, the Minister of Information Society and Administration, Dr. Jeton Shaqiri, hosted a meeting with representatives of the US Embassy and representatives of the Estonian Center for Eastern Partnership.

The 350,000 US dollars grant that the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia will receive from these 2 institutions for the implementation of mentoring activities and assistance in the implementation of electronic services of public institutions in North Macedonia in the next 18 months, was confirmed at this meeting.

At the meeting, minister Shaqiri emphasized that MISA is fully committed to the process of digitalization and apart from the ministry budget, we do everything to animate and attract all parties and partners who are ready to help us on the way to increasing the transparency of institutions, facilitating procedures and services through electronic services, improving democracy in the country and advancing the digital skills of public administration.

At the meeting, Minister Shaqiri expressed his gratitude to the US Embassy for its continued support to MISA.