Shaqiri: We are committed to accelerate the digital transformation

Skopje, September 22nd, 2021

"The Ministry of Information Society and Administration, in full coordination with the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia, has set its goals in the process of digitalization of the country. Our goal is to promote further measures to help the IT sector, so that this sector can continue its growth without any obstacles," said the Minister of Information Society and Administration, Dr. Jeton Shaqiri, in the introductory speech at the online Regional Innovation Forum organized by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) for Europe, on the topic: "Innovative digital ecosystem development  that accelerate digital transformation of key sectors", with the support of the Ministry of Information Society and Administration.

"Digital transformation can foster innovation and increase productivity in many activities, transform public services and increase wellbeing, as information, knowledge and data are becoming more accessible." Innovation and entrepreneurship in the ICT sector are recognized as a basic tool for job creation and economic development in the Republic of North Macedonia. "The same trend applies to other countries in the Western Balkans," added Minister Shaqiri in his speech.

Minister Shaqiri emphasized the commitment of MISA and the Government to the process of digitalization and innovation and at the same time expressed gratitude for the continuous support and assistance offered by the European Union.

This meeting brought together all stakeholders, government officials and entrepreneurs from across Europe to exchange ideas and discuss in the context of innovative digital ecosystems that accelerate digital transformation in key sectors.