Digitalization - one of the five priority areas of the Economic Growth Acceleration Plan 2022-2026

Skopje, October 27th, 2021

The Government of the Republic of North Macedonia has adopted the Economic Growth Acceleration Plan 2022-2026. This plan will support investment projects in the public and private sector, which will improve economic competitiveness and improve the quality of life, as well as focus on several priority areas such as: green economy, digitalization, innovation and technological development, development of physical infrastructure and human capital, as well as social cohesion.

Investments in the digitalization of services as well as in technological development are a precondition for the development and economic growth of the country in the next four years.

In collaboration with all institutions in the country, the Ministry of Information Society and Administration will focus on advancing these processes in order to achieve our work goals, launched projects, but also in view of the implementation of the Economic Growth Acceleration Plan 2022-2026, which was adopted at yesterday's government session.