Vote for North Macedonia’s commitment on to the global competition for Open Government Partnership


Skopje, October 18th, 2021

In anticipation of its 10th anniversary, the Global Open Government Partnership initiative hereby introduces the Open Government Award, in order to recognize the most influential commitments of this partnership, which have significantly improved the lives of people or the quality of democracy in practice.

Во рамките на овој глобален натпревар, Република Северна Македонија учествува со следната заложба:

Voting is open from 18 to 22 October 2021.

The Republic of North Macedonia participates with the following commitment within this global competition:

 "Establishing new tools for improving the financial transparency and accountability of the local self-government units"

North Macedonia | Transparent & Accountable Local Government

The best commitments will be selected directly by the citizens, by direct voting, at the following link

The voting is for the best commitment in each of the four OGP regions - Europe, America, the Asia-Pacific region and Africa and the Middle East. Voting for this award will be open in the period 18 - 22 October 2021.

We invite you to get involved and vote! Let's support our OGP community!

More about the commitment

The commitment "Establishing new tools for improving the financial transparency and accountability of local self-government units" was selected based on the recommendations of the Independent Reporting Mechanism and the selection of our OGP community - OGP Council, CSO Network and stakeholders directly involved in creating and implementing commitments. With the implementation of the commitment, innovative tools were introduced to increase transparency of the municipalities in North Macedonia. The most extensive activity resulted in the creation of an electronic tool that enables the municipalities to present to the citizens the financial operations and the realization of the budget in an understandable way.

So far, a total of 39 municipalities have recognized the effectiveness and practical results of this tool and use it to share financial data, thus contributing to improving fiscal transparency at local level and to creation of municipal policies with information. The second activity, aimed at improving the transparency of municipal councils and accountability to citizens, led to introduction of digital technologies in a total of 18 municipal councils that enabled council sessions to be broadcast live on social media. The third activity, aimed at involving citizens in the decision-making process at local level, enabled the citizens of 24 municipalities to jointly create local priorities that resulted in the implementation of 33 projects that improved public services in the field of education, sports and social protection with a focus on vulnerable categories of citizens.