Final Conference on Component 2: Framework Improvement of Discretionary Powers, within the IPA 2017 Project "Support to State Reorganization"


Skopje, November 3rd, 2021

The Minister of Information Society and Administration, Dr. Jeton Shaqiri had an addressing at the Final Conference on Component 2: Framework Improvement of discretionary powers, within the IPA 2017 Project "Support to State Reorganization".

Minister Shaqiri emphasized that the establishment of clear lines of accountability, coherent institutional set-up of state administration bodies, agencies and central government inspection services, as well as a clear division of functions and policies through their merger, abolition or creation, is the first step towards the creation of a democratic system, solid administration and a strong institutional system based on the rule-of-law based principle.

"Professionalization of the administration is one of the main goals of public administration reform process in the RN Macedonia. As set out in Priority Area 2: Public Service and Human Resource Management under the Public Administration Reform Strategy, one of the measures to achieve the Special Objective Depolitization of the administration through enhanced application of merit based principles, equal opportunities and appropriate and equitable representation, as well as professionalization of senior civil service, is the establishment of a senior civil service in the administration. "The main goal of Senior Civil Service establishment is the promotion of public services, better contribution to state administration modernization and strengthening of good governance as an immanent principle of public administration operation" said Minister Shaqiri.

The Senior Civil Service system should ensure the achievement of two key goals:

1) Professional top managers-selected based on their competencies

2) Establishing relationships of trust and responsibility between politically elected and appointed persons and top managers.

According to Minister Shaqiri, the establishment of Senior Civil Service system and the new architectural structural reorganization / optimization of the public sector, will mean rationalization and reduction of the number of top management positions, but also the establishment of lines of accountability of top managers. Therefore, the overall involvement and support in the process of public sector professionalization, establishment of efficient and effective institutions closer to the citizens is extremely important.

With regards to the second component and discretionary powers framework improvement, whose main user is the State Commission for Prevention of Corruption, and some of these analyzes cover the discretionary powers in health, education and culture sectors employments, but also refer to the competencies of The Ministry of Information Society and Administration, Minister Shaqiri said:

"The Government has already recognized the need for revision of the discretionary powers system, in order to enable their application in a legal and fair manner. Some of them also refer to the discretionary powers in employment procedures. Several laws are in force in view of this area, and the same contain and create opportunities for discretionary powers. The Law on Civil Servants, the Law on Public Employees, the Law on Labor Relations are just part of them. "We will carefully study the analyzes and recommendations and will strive for their proper implementation in order to further improve the legal and institutional framework in the field of employment," emphasized Minister Shaqiri.

Nevertheless, the closing conference was also attended by Julian Vassallo, Deputy Head of European Union Delegation, Ms. Biljana Ivanovska, Chairman of the State Commission for Prevention of Corruption, Mr. Ljupcho Nikolovski, Deputy Prime Minister for fight against corruption and crime, sustainable development and human resources and Dr. Slagjana Taseva, Team Leader, EU Project "Support to State Reorganization".