Shaqiri: I firmly believe in the transformative power of Open Government Partnership

Seoul, December 14th, 2021

Today, the Minister of Information Society and Administration, Jeton Shakiri, participated virtually as a speaker on the Open Government Partnership Global Summit taking place in the Republic of Korea.

The summit will provide a platform and momentum to reflecting on the progress of OGP in its first decade and to present a vision for the future.

In view of the achievements in the area of integrity and innovation that are result of the Open Government Partnership, Shaqiri said: “The Republic of North Macedonia has recognized results in the open government processes. Since joining this initiative in 2011 through five action plans, the need for greater engagement and participation of citizens in the decision-making process, introduction of higher standards of integrity and greater access to technology has been followed with dedication.

By opening our resources to the public, we have been able to advance dialogue, innovation and the use of technology that make citizens' lives better and easier.

I would like to single out the commitment "BENEFICIAL OWNERSHIP" as an important example that is an active response to the demands for integrity in the public and private sector, which has provided an equal access to basic data in the Central Register in the Republic of North Macedonia.”

With a view to the future, Shaqiri added: "Hence, I would like to share that with new fifth OGP Action Plan, the Government the Republic of North Macedonia has committed to actively work on public announcement of the beneficial ownership of companies that have signed contracts for public procurement with public sector institutions,

Given that transparency in public procurement is considered a key tool for reducing corruption and enabling fair and competitive competition, publicly available information on the entire public procurement cycle can ensure responsible public procurements.

The successful implementation of this ambitious commitment is expected to have a positive impact on increasing competition