Minister Shaqiri had a working meeting with the Directors General of KIBS AD Skopje and Nextsense

Skopje, December 28th, 2021

We are especially pleased that two renowned domestic companies KIBS AD Skopje in partnership with Nextsense AD Skopje, which are present in the domestic and international market with digitalization services, have invested in the development of the next generation of digital tools that will enable a significant leap in digital transformation of commercial and state public services.

"Today I had the honor to have a working meeting with the Director General of KIBS AD Skopje Mr. Goran Anastasovski and the Director General of Nextsense Mr. Vasko Kronevski with their team, who have worked on the development of these services.

The reason for this meeting was the decision prepared last week for the entry in the register of the first electronic identification scheme fully developed by domestic companies.

At the meeting, we have stressed the importance for domestic companies to invest in the development of services that not only implement the most modern opportunities for digitalization but also have a strong direct impact and application in the processes of digital transformation in our country.

We have come to an agreement at the meeting that in near future, the integration of the digital identification service and qualified services will be performed on the portal for e-services and other state systems.

"With this service, we give the electronic signature the same legal effect as the classic signature and we are approaching our goal to reduce to 0 the use of paper in state administration, which is another step towards digitalization of the administration and services in the Republic of North Macedonia," said Minister Shaqiri.