Shaqiri: Focused on the future and new challenges


Skopje, January 14th, 2022

"Today is my last day as Minister of Information Society and Administration.

From my first until my last day as a Minister, my work has been characterized and guided by the principles of transparency and honesty, because I believe that honesty is the best policy.

This period was full of challenges and achievements. Public Administration Reform, Law on Senior Civil Service , Law on Public Employees, Law on Administrative Servants, Digitalization of Services, One Point of Service Project, Interoperability System, Digital Identification, National ICT Strategy, Unified Websites, Open Data Strategy, Document Management System (DMS), Cyber ​​Security Project, "Roam like at home", improvement of the telecommunication network, harmonization of domestic and European legislation in the field of media, all these are irreversible processes for which we have worked and are still working, with utmost dedication.

These processes are unstoppable and irreversible, as well as the path of North Macedonia towards Euro-Atlantic integration and the European Union. That is why I am ready to offer my support and advice to the future Minister, so that the implementation of these processes will continue without obstacles.

My whole focus is already on the future and the new challenges it brings. Knowing myself and being guided by the principles of transparency and honesty in my work, I firmly believe that I will successfully overcome any challenge I will face."