Aliti: MISA is actively working on open data policy

Skopje, May 18th, 2022

The Minister of Information Society and Administration, Admirim Aliti, addressed the International Open Data Conference on "Data and the Culture of Openness", organized by the Metamorphosis Internet and Society Foundation, as part of the USAID Civic Engagement Project.

In his speech, Minister Aliti referred to the importance of opening the data, as well as the continuous activities of MISA in that direction.

"As of today, 543 data sets from 72 public sector institutions have been published on the Open Data Portal. MISA in cooperation with Metamorphosis, and within the USAID Civic Engagement Project, the third cycle works on the implementation of activities to support institutions in the process of opening their data, such as the Ministry of Education and Science, the Ministry of Interior, the Public Procurement Bureau, the Public Health Institute and the General Secretariat of the Government," said Minister Aliti.

The Minister pointed out the activities such as: two-day online training for members of the open data teams in five institutions, inventory and cataloging of data sets, prioritization of data sets, creation and publication of data sets in open format, as well as creating internal procedures for open data on institutions. Among other things, training for trainers was conducted by experts from the Open Data Institute from Great Britain, with the participation of 12 representatives from 9 state institutions. Also, an automated webinar (video training) of 10 lessons for open data and their publication on the portal was performed therein.

"In the Government work program for 2022, it is envisaged to harmonize the Law Amending the Law on the Use of Public Sector Data with the EU Directive on open data and re-use of public sector information. The adoption of the amendments aims to contribute to the development of the economy, ie growth of the gross domestic product, increase of the number of new jobs as well as the development of innovations. "This regulation increases the transparency in the work of public sector bodies and institutions, improves the efficiency of the work of public administration and contributes to reducing corruption at all levels," said Minister Aliti, adding that the process will be conducted in wide consultation and participation of representatives of institutions and stakeholders.

At the end of the address, he emphasized that open data implies a change in the work culture of the institutions, increases transparency, and offers an opportunity to promote research and business opportunities. "MISA strives and will actively work on this policy in the future," concluded Minister Aliti.