We remain strongly committed to a continuous public administration and digitization reforms processes

Skopje, June 22nd, 2022

At yesterday's 54th session, the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia adopted, among other things, three pieces of information related to the projects of the Ministry of Information Society and Administration.

It was adopted as follows: The information on the need to open the 5 G frequencies for telecom operators, as well as the Information on starting a feasibility study for the installation of the broadband internet network in the Republic of North Macedonia.

The main focus is on ensuring the maximum benefits from the implementation of 5G, including the development of the economic market through the support and development of new services from various segments of the vertical market that are offered to end users; provision of broadband for all regions in the country, the development of electronic communications and especially 5G networks.

At yesterday's government session, the Information on the preparation of the PAR Strategy for the (2023-2030) was also adopted, with an emphasis on the recommendations contained in the monitoring SIGMA Report for the Republic of North Macedonia from 2021:

Within the framework of the continuous public administration reform process and the strong commitments in that direction, the goal is to provide a modern and efficient public administration based on digitization that provides quality and fast services for citizens and business entities.