MISA is a leader in the implementation of the CAF2020 model, Minister Aliti reveals the news

Skopje, June 17th, 2022

At the workshop organized by ReSPA (Regional School of Public Administration) where the CAF2020 model was discussed, the Minister of Information Society and Administration (MISA), Admirim Aliti, expressed his greetings to the attendees and emphasized that MISA is a leader in the implementation of the CAF2020 model.

"I want to emphasize that the implementation process of the CAF model in our institution, from the adoption of the decision up until today's prioritization workshop, has my full support because with a well-conducted self-assessment of the institution, the shortcomings are perceived and actions are taken that lguide the institution in the direction of excellence and delivery of efficient and effective services to citizens," said Minister Aliti, adding that the Ministry of Information Society and Administration as a national contact point for quality management, which provides support to the entire public sector in this area, is the first in our country, which will implement the CAF2020 model, which, as a novelty from the previous models, puts an accent to digitalization, agility, diversity and sustainability.

I am sure that today's prioritization workshop will be successfully implemented as well as the entire process until now, and will result in a good Plan for the implementation of activities that will contribute to even more successful work of our institution thereof.

The implementation of the CAF model in our institution is happening at the right time in support of the start of the reorganization project piloting.