Minister Aliti speaker at the Western Balkans Digital Security Forum

Tallinn, June 15th, 2022


Cyber ​​security and European best practices were the focus of today's Western Balkans Digital Security Forum in Tallinn, Estonia, attended by the Minister of Information Society and Administration, Admirim Aliti.


At this high-level conference, cyber security leaders and experts had the opportunity to exchange experiences and knowledge, discuss digitization and cyber security in the Western Balkans region, using best practices from EU countries.


n the framework of the Forum, Minister Aliti spoke at the panel discussion entitled: "Best practices regarding cyber security reforms", dedicated to the needs and recommendations for capacity building at te operational level and protection of critical information infrastructure.

Minister Aliti referred to the activities of MISA in the direction of digitalization of the processes which proved to be extremely important especially during the period of the Covid crisis. He also emphasized the strong commitment to active cooperation with all key factors for cyber security capacities strengthening.


Among other things, he indicated the project with USAID to increase cyber resilience and protection of the critical national infrastructure from cyber-attacks, and he also stressed out the need to establish a Cyber ​​Security Agency.


"Digitalization should continue at an accelerated pace, but at the same time security should be the most important component," said Minister Aliti, among other things, adding that we should apply all the positive experiences of Western countries and explore the possibilities therein.

At the same time, the Minister said that the countries of the Western Balkans should further strengthen mutual cooperation and communication regarding these topics, because as he said, we can help each other immensely by sharing similar experiences and knowledge.