Aliti-Tunjan working meeting

Skopje, September 14, 2022

The Minister of Information Society and Administration Admirim Aliti held a working meeting with Bagrat Tunjan - team leader for strategic planning and policy development in SIGMA and manager in North Macedonia, with whom he has discussed the current situation regarding the reorganization process of institutions.

The continuous support by SIGMA in the public administration reform process, as well as in the creation of the new Strategy 2023-2030 was highlighted was stressed out at the meeting, and the same will enable the creation of a senior civil service, increased professionalism and efficiency of the administration, as well as improved quality of services provided for citizens.

Aliti and Tunjan agreed that this Strategy carries an important weight in the depoliticization of institutions and the development of democratic standards and values, which will allow the country to take a step forward on the road to EU membership.

ДIt was agreed that such meetings will be a practice in order to determine the next steps and to evaluate the preliminary steps in this process.