Minister Aliti addressed the Western Balkans Ministerial Conference on PAR, organized by Respa and OECD/SIGMA

Skopje, September 15, 2022

"We strongly strive for a professional, efficient and accountable administration in the service of the citizens and the business community in our country. We at MIOA also lead, create and promote the digital transformation and development of the information society", emphasized the Minister of Information Society and Administration Admirim Aliti in his addressing at the the Western Balkans Ministerial Conference on Public Administration Reform, organized by the Regional School for Public Administration (ReSPA) and OECD/SIGMA.

Minister Aliti pointed out that continuous, active and dedicated work is being done on the measures and activities of the Public Administration Reform Strategy and Action Plan (2018-2022), stressing out the four priority areas determined by virtue of the SIGMA principles:

• creation and development of policy creation and development,

• management of public services and human resources,

• responsibility, accountability and transparency and

• providing services and ICT support to the administration

Taking into account that the current Public Administration Reform Strategy is in its last year of implementation, the Ministry of Information Society and Administration, as an institution in charge of managing and coordinating the public administration reform process, initiated the preparatory process of the new eight-year PAR Strategy (2023 -2030), for which support from SIGMA has already been provided therein.

MIOA, the minister added, has already established a working group with representatives from state institutions, civil society and international organizations. Recommendations according to international documents have also been taken into account, including the Conclusions by the Special PAR Group for 2021, which provides an assessment of the progress of our country in the public administration reform process, as well as recommendations for areas that require additional reforms.

An external evaluation on the existing PAR Strategy (2018-2022) was conducted by an independent expert with the support of ReSPA. During June and July of this year, workshops were organized within the framework of the evaluation, where the recommendations were drawn up, which represent the basis for the preparation of the new Strategy.

"Public administration reform is a process led by the Ministry of Information Society and Administration, but its successful implementation requires equal commitment and involvement from all stakeholders. We have extensive work ahead of us, where we need to include all the capacities for the preparation of the new Public Administration Reform Strategy, taking into account the lessons learned and the experience from the implementation of the current Strategy, in order to prepare a document with realistic goals and activities that we are planning to implement and we will implement in the next eight-year period", said Minister Aliti.

Today's international conference gathered in one place the ministers of public administration from the region and the key PAR stakeholders, as well as representatives of the European Commission. Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski, Gregor Virant - Director of OECD/SIGMA, Matthew Buske - DG Near in the European Commission and Maja Handziska Trendafilova - Director of ReSPA, who among other things emphasized that ReSPA will continue to focus on deepening the regional dialogue on PAR issues in close cooperation and with the support of the European Commission aimed at fully modernized administrative space in the Western Balkans.