A workshop on the reorganization of the Ministry of Economy was held on September 22 and 23, 2022 within the framework of the IPA project "Support to State Reorganization"

The report on the reorganization of the ministerial system of the Ministry of Economy (ME), prepared by the IPA project "Support to State Reorganization", foresees several proposals for the reorganization of the structure of the ME, creation of Directorates for all main policy areas, which in turn include all sub-policies, thus providing an opportunity for integrated management structure for policy management they are responsible for. Regarding the horizontal functions, it is proposed to establish a Directorate for administrative support.

A Working Group has been established in the Ministry of Economy, for the implementation of the above-mentioned proposals with the support of the expert Juris Stinka, former State Secretary in the Ministry of Economy of Latvia. The working group held a meeting on July 8, 2022. to review the experts' proposals and agree on the next steps thereof. The proposals were also discussed with the State Secretary of the Ministry of Interior, Mrs. Razmena Cekic Durovic and the Minister of Economy, Mr. Kreshnik Bektesi. It was concluded that additional work should be done before deciding on the structure of the Ministry: functional analysis, work tasks analysis, review of priorities and analysis on available resources.

On July 27, 2022, Minister Bekteshi approved the work plan for reorganization, which foresees the following activities until June 30, 2023:

- functional analysis and work tasks analysis of all structural units of the ministry;

- Identification of priorities, where additional resources should be allocated;

- Identification of functions for implementation, which could be delegated to agencies;

- Defining criteria for the structure (areas of policies, number of employees in the structural units);

- Draft new structure for the ministry.

- Approval of the new structure of the ministry.

- Preparation and approval of employee lists, job descriptions and other internal documents.

- Organizing the transfer of employees to new positions.


The functional analysis and the work tasks analysis is ongoing, and the reorganization of the structure of the ministry requires the engagement of all structural units.

The seminar was opened by the State Secretary of the Ministry of Education, Mrs. Razmena Cekic Durovic, the Team Leader of the IPA project, Dr. Sladjana Taseva, and the adviser in MIOA, Mrs. Laura Ajdini.

Mrs. Razmena Cekic Durovic mentioned that: "The reorganization will improve the efficiency of the ministry, clarify its functions and make more efficient use of resources."

Mr. Drilon Iseini, Executive Director of the Chamber of Commerce of North-West Macedonia and Ms. Daniela Mihajlovska from the Chamber of Commerce of Macedonia expressed their expectations of the greatly needed reorganization of the Ministry of Economy, to ensure that the Ministry becomes a more effective support to the business sector.