Meeting between Minister Aliti and his colleague from Romania, within the framework of the ITU conference

Bucharest, September 30, 2022

Among the activities of the Minister of Information Society and Administration Admirim Aliti in Bucharest, was a meeting with Sebastian Ioan Burduja - Minister of Digitization, Innovation and Research in Romania and also a member of the Parliament of Romania.

At this meeting, which took place within the framework of the ITU (International Telecommunication Union) Conference, the minister was accompanied by Mr. Gabriel Atanasov - Ambassador of North Macedonia in Bucharest and Mr. Jeton Akiku - director of the Electronic Communications Agency.

The current situation and projects in the field of digitalization and technological innovation were part of the discussion at the meeting, whereupon the minister informed regarding MIOA’s commitment in the promotion of digital services, which help in the efficiency of the institutions’ operation and at the same time ensure the quality of the services to the citizens.

Also, Minister Aliti emphasized the efforts of the Government of North Macedonia on the road to European integration and the processes that have started in the direction of reforms, as a key factor that paves the way for achieving this goal.

Minister Aliti expressed his gratitude to his Romanian colleague for the constructive meeting they have agreed to obtain constant communication to determine the areas and opportunities for cooperation in the future.