Deputy Minister Baidevski is on a study visit to Spain

Barcelona, ​​October 25, 2022

Deputy Minister of Information Society and Administration, Aleksandar Bajdevski, together with a delegation from MIOA, is on a study visit to Spain, within the framework of which numerous activities are planned in the direction of exchanging knowledge and experiences in relation to issues related to public administration thereof.

 Today in Barcelona, ​​at the School of Public Administration of Catalonia, Deputy Minister Bajdevski presented the public administration system of the Republic of North Macedonia. Senior representatives from the Departments of Public Administration from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia also had their addressing therein.  

This study visit is organized by the Regional School of Public Administration (ReSpa), and among the topics that will be discussed are: competence framework, the development of innovations in public administration, collaborative analyses, human resources management, etc.

The study visit will continue in Madrid, at the National Institute of Public Administration.

The activities are aimed to implementing our priority commitment, which is the modernization of the administration in the service of the citizens.