Deputy Minister Bajdevski participant in Panel 1: "EU integration and reform processes", within the framework of the annual conference, "The Year of New Opportunities"

Skopje, January 30, 2023

Deputy Minister Aleksandar Bajdevski pointed out that MISA is continuously working on providing modern and efficient public administration based on digitization, which provides quality and fast services to citizens and businesses.

Among other things, he pointed out the activities for the development of the New Public Administration Reform Strategy (2023-2030), taking into account the findings and recommendations according to international documents and the expert support of Respa and Sigma. He emphasized the importance of the new Law on Public Sector Employees and the Law on Administrative Servants, which are in the final phase, as well as the draft version of the Law on Salaries in the Public Sector, for which public debates will also be organized with all stakeholders therein. He also mentioned the continuation of the reorganization process and optimization of state administration bodies, agencies and inspection services, which is implemented within the framework of the IPA project "Support to the State Reorganization".

"Our goal is a depoliticized administration that will be transparent and accountable, where the European system of values will prevail, with merit system and great professionalism", said Bajdevski.

With regards to the digitization, the National ICT Strategy 2023-2027 has been drafted and has already been published on ENER, and participation in the Digital Europe program, financed by the EU, in order to bring digital technology closer to businesses, citizens and public administration and accelerate the economic recovery. The Central Population Register system has been expanded with functionality that enables quick integration with the system of the State Election Commission.

,,This is the first ISO 27001 certified system in the ministry. The importance of the system was recognized by the international organizations SIGMA and ReSPA, which last year awarded the Special Award for the Enabler of Digital Transformation and Increased Access to Data. The system is in operation for 3 years and so far data has been shared for about 14,300,000 citizens," said Bajdevski.


Regarding the National e-services portal, he said that it is actively used by citizens and businesses, and the number of digital services has increased to 227.

,,For 88 e-services, you can apply directly through the National Portal, and for 139 e-services, you can apply through the institutions' external information systems. For the first time, the complete competition for the programs of the Ministry of Culture was provided and enabled for application through an online process. In 2022, a total of 42 e-services, of which 22 e-services of the Ministry of Interior and 20 e-services of the Ministry of Culture have been developed herein.  

There are 52 institutions including private companies for the possibility of exchanging data and information for the Interoperability platform. Within the framework of the IPA 2017 project: Improvement of E-Government, software for digitalization of the register was developed, which will help speed up the process of digitalization of the registers of institutions. In parallel, we are working on the development of 135 new electronic services", said Bajdevski.