Minister Aliti commemorating the International Holocaust Remembrance Day

Skopje, January 27, 2023

Today, the Minister of Information Society and Administration, Admirim Aliti, participated in the Memorial Academy on the occasion of the International Day of the Holocaust, organized by the Institute for the Spiritual and Cultural Heritage of Albanians from North Macedonia.

,,The horrors of the Holocaust tell us about the destruction of human values and the abuse of weapons for achieving certain goals, namely the destruction of one nation. The Albanians were with the Jews in the past, but today we testify to our right attitude and through the observance of these terrible events we give the message of peace, tolerance and understanding.

The language of humanity must prevail in every historical period. Through the commemoration of this date, we stop and think about the contemporary Holocaust in the form of violent human exploitation. The events that we commemorate have been forgotten and are likely to be repeated. We pray that the Holocaust will never happen again", said Minister Aliti.