On 23.07.2015, the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia adopted the Law on General Administrative Procedure (hereinafter LGAP), which entered into force 8 days following adoption thereof. The Law anticipated delayed application of one year, except for provisions related to communication between public authorities, for which the Law anticipated delayed application of six months. Application of the Law commenced on 31.07.2016. 

The Law on General Administrative Procedure governs the work of the administration and relations thereof with citizens. In the past, the main challenge of the law was respect of the rule-of-law principle, whereby administrative acts should be based on positive legislation. This manner guaranteed predictability of administrative acts, legal security and rule-of-law.

However, the contemporary Law on General Administrative Procedure should tackle challenges related to cultural, technological and economic changes that took place in the past several decades. One of these changes includes greater equality in relations between state authorities and citizens. The contemporary administration no longer views the citizen as submissive to public authorities. Instead, the citizen is a value for the modern-day administration. Another change is the manner of communication between institutions and citizens resulting from the swift and revolutionary development of information and communication technologies, as well as from the drastic increase and acceleration of all types of regulated relations within a society. 

With a view to promote application of LGAP, and to attain increased efficiency and streamlined communication with institutions, the Ministry of Information Society and Administration assigned a team of administrative officers responsible for implementation of LGAP, and launched a Help Desk to provide practical advice to public authorities on application of LGAP, under the link  – whereby authorized persons and heads of departments or sectors on administrative procedure within public institutions would be able, by electronic means, to ask questions and present issues they face in application of the Law on General Administrative Procedure.

We would also like to note that this link includes all necessary documents that could be used to respond to your questions or certain ambiguities related to application of LGAP. If the response you need cannot be found in some of the uploaded documents, we encourage you to ask your question in the aforementioned link, by choosing the title, i.e. the chapter of LGAP you need information on.